Meet Our Team

Stephen Wiard
  • Interim Pastor (and former pastor for over 20 years!)
Claire Detels
  • Music Director

Our team is really ALL of us! Here is our leadership - which we call the Administrative Council (or Ad Council) - for 2024

El Pueblito United Methodist Church

2024 Administrative Council Officers and Committees


Council Chair Lucile Grieder

Vice-Chair Kathy Herman

Council Secretary Susie Zin

Lay Leader Joe Wells

Administrative Council Members at Large - Addie Merkel, Anna Kay Davis, Rhonda Grover, Terry Cornwell, Karon Klipple, Bettie Foster, David Foster

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference - Lucile Grieder, Alternate < >

Treasurer - Karon Klipple

Recording Donations Secretary - Lynn Aldrich

Finance Committee - Joe Wells (chair), Karon Klipple, Lucile Grieder, Anna Kay Davis, Kathy Herman

Trustees - David Foster and Gordon Wesley (co-chairs), Fred Zutavern, Bryan Chavez, Shannon Romeling

Pastor-Parish Relations class of 2024 Kathy Herman (chair), Tracy Bardell

  class of 2025 Gail Douglas, Bettie Foster

class of 2026 Claire Sheridan, Marc Space

Nominating - The Ad Council at Large members will serve as the nominating committee

Children’s Ministry - Claire Sheridan, Karon Klipple

Adult Ministry - Richard Turnley

Missions/Outreach - Lucas Nykamp (chair), Bettie Foster, Susie Zin, Pat Tidwell, Rhonda Grover

Worship - Terry Cornwell (chair), Anna Kay Davis, Grady Basler, Alexei McGalliard

Frank Davis Memorial Fund - Committee Anna Kay Davis, Gail Douglas, Susie Zin

Shared Table Leadership Team

Shared Table Interim Director - Cheri Lyon

El Pueblito members - Joe Wells, Susie Zin, Lynn Aldrich

Staff member Mike Flaherty

Community Members - Ken Dickinson, Yale Jones, Alex Wyche, Martin Dimas, Lupita Morgas, Paul & Margueriite Dunn

Client Representatives - Katie Eddy, Joseph Concha

Chair Alex Wyche

Secretary Yale Jones

Financial secretary Lynn Aldrich